Replacing an internal door
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Replacing an internal door

When my house was renovated in the 1970s they replaced the beautiful old doors with cheap plywood doors. I wanted to replace our current doors with some feature doors that help to emphasise the beautiful dimensions of our house while allowing us to make the most of the light and warmth in the different rooms. I have compared options with a range of different doors before making my final decision. This blog talks about our project to select new doors in our home and I hope it will be useful to other people who are trying a similar project and replacing their internal doors.

Replacing an internal door

  • Top Things You Should Know About Buying a Security Door for Your Home

    19 October 2021

    If you are a homeowner, you are probably interested in using good-quality materials whenever possible. You're probably also concerned about doing everything that you can to protect your home. If so, then you could be thinking about buying a security door. These are some of the top things that you will want to know about buying a security door for your home. Buying a Security Door Is Often Worth It

  • What Makes Sliding Wardrobe Doors Stand Out?

    26 August 2021

    Most homes have a wardrobe for keeping clothes, shoes and accessories neatly organized. However, if you are building or remodelling, you might want to change the wardrobe door's design. For example, you might want to select hinged or sliding doors depending on your unique needs. Generally, hinged or swing doors are the most common doors in most homes.  However, you can install sliding doors that slide horizontally with the aid of metal tracks fixed on the top and bottom parts.

  • Frequently Asked Questions Business Owners Have Concerning Fire Doors

    27 May 2021

    The importance of fire doors in a building cannot be overemphasised. If properly installed, your fire door can stop the spread of fire and smoke to isolated areas like the corridors and fire exits where people might be trapped in case of a fire explosion. They also protect adjacent rooms and buildings from fire damage. If you are looking to invest in fire doors, here five FAQs to get you started: 

  • Fire Doors and Fire Protection Testing

    21 January 2021

    Fire doors are made to prevent fires and smoke from spreading to other rooms and withstand high pressure that results when air is heated. They can be installed in both residential and commercial premises, but you may find that they are mostly installed in commercial premises, especially where there is a high fire risk. This does not mean that if there is no fire risk you shouldn't install a fire door; you might find that it may be required by law to install fire doors to safeguard the lives of your employees, and these fire doors should meet particular rules and regulations, which are inspected regularly.

  • Choosing Roller Shutters

    15 October 2020

    Roller shutters are great for commercial, industrial or residential garage doors. Their structure offers a high level of security because it leaves no room for burglar break-in attempts. Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing roller shutters: Material Composition You may mostly come across steel and aluminium options. Thickened aluminium is the most recommended metal because it is lighter than steel. Since a roller shutter door is opened by lifting it vertically, steel might require more energy, hence more power usage.