Replacing an internal door
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Replacing an internal door

When my house was renovated in the 1970s they replaced the beautiful old doors with cheap plywood doors. I wanted to replace our current doors with some feature doors that help to emphasise the beautiful dimensions of our house while allowing us to make the most of the light and warmth in the different rooms. I have compared options with a range of different doors before making my final decision. This blog talks about our project to select new doors in our home and I hope it will be useful to other people who are trying a similar project and replacing their internal doors.

Replacing an internal door

Tips on Caring for Your Garage Door

Priscilla Graham

Garage doors are one of the components of the home that usually get operated on a frequent basis, so proper maintenance is required to keep them operating safely and efficiently. Here is a look at some things that will have to be done in this regard.

Keeping the door system properly lubed. Garage door systems comprise some moving components that need to be properly lubed to keep operating well. Parts like hinges and roller wheels need lubrication to work smoothly and quietly. However, others like tracks and springs do not require lubrication to work properly, so be sure to consult your door manual to know what parts to lubricate and not to lubricate. 

Keeping the door track clean. As mentioned above, the garage door track shouldn't be lubricated. The primary reason for this is that garage door lubricant may contribute to collection of dirt particulates on the track. Over time, the build-up may harden and hinder proper operation of the garage door. Instead of applying lubricant on the garage door track, you should inspect it regularly to ensure it is clean. You can clean the track by simply wiping the interior part of the track with a slightly damp rag. Once you're done cleaning your track, wipe it off using a dry rag. 

Inspecting the door seal. Water infiltration is a source of problems for garage doors. That's why garage doors typically come with a weather seal installed on the bottom part of the door. Inspect the seal periodically to ensure it can still keep out the water. If it is worn out, it will require replacement.

Inspecting other door parts. The various components that make up your garage door system wear and tear over time due to normal operation of the door. Regularly performing a visual inspection can help identify signs of general wear and tear on your door. Check the cables, roller wheels, springs, hinges and pulleys for signs of damage. Make sure any faulty part is repaired or replaced immediately. Faulty garage door parts can compromise the safe operation of your garage door, so no sign of damage should be overlooked.

Ensuring safe and efficient garage door operation is critical to preventing injuries that may be caused by garage doors. The best way to achieve this is to ask a reputable garage door service to maintain your garage door. They will provide you with a garage door technician that can meet your garage door maintenance needs.