Replacing an internal door
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Replacing an internal door

When my house was renovated in the 1970s they replaced the beautiful old doors with cheap plywood doors. I wanted to replace our current doors with some feature doors that help to emphasise the beautiful dimensions of our house while allowing us to make the most of the light and warmth in the different rooms. I have compared options with a range of different doors before making my final decision. This blog talks about our project to select new doors in our home and I hope it will be useful to other people who are trying a similar project and replacing their internal doors.


Replacing an internal door

Choosing Roller Shutters

Priscilla Graham

Roller shutters are great for commercial, industrial or residential garage doors. Their structure offers a high level of security because it leaves no room for burglar break-in attempts. Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing roller shutters:

Material Composition

You may mostly come across steel and aluminium options. Thickened aluminium is the most recommended metal because it is lighter than steel. Since a roller shutter door is opened by lifting it vertically, steel might require more energy, hence more power usage. This is why you might mostly come across thinner steel roller shutters, not thicker steel.

Choose steel if you think the roller shutter door might be subject to high impact; steel is better than aluminium at handling impacts. Aluminium is more corrosion or rust-resistant than steel, meaning it lasts longer without frequent maintenance. Steel might require to be coated to prevent it from corroding or rusting. You may also need to inspect it regularly to confirm the coating has not come off and if it has, reapply it.


Roller shutter doors are insulated for temperature or noise control purposes. You might, however, pay extra for such services. The following outlines each feature. 

Temperature Control: If you want to save on energy bills, you might want to consider talking to a roller shutter insulation specialist to find out how you can retain heat during the winter and keep your interior cool in the summer. Insulation material might need to be installed alongside your roller shutter door.

Noise Control: You might either want to prevent interior noise from being heard outside or block out exterior noises. Ask your contractor how to make this happen. 


The go-to opening mechanism for roller shutters is automation. This does not mean you will not come across manually opened roller shutter doors. The reason why automated roller shutter doors are popular is how easy they are to operate; you only need to press a remote button. This is very convenient and safe, especially for a garage roller shutter door, where you don't have to get out of your car.

Fire Resistance

Most roller shutter doors are made to be fire-resistant; they even go through fire resistance tests. The reason is that most roller shutter doors are used for industrial or commercial applications. These are areas that conduct activities that can cause fires. It is essential to install a fire-resistant roller shutter to prevent the spread of fires. Roller shutter doors also prevent exterior fires like bushfires from spreading into your interior.