Replacing an internal door
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Replacing an internal door

When my house was renovated in the 1970s they replaced the beautiful old doors with cheap plywood doors. I wanted to replace our current doors with some feature doors that help to emphasise the beautiful dimensions of our house while allowing us to make the most of the light and warmth in the different rooms. I have compared options with a range of different doors before making my final decision. This blog talks about our project to select new doors in our home and I hope it will be useful to other people who are trying a similar project and replacing their internal doors.


Replacing an internal door

3 Ways You Know Your Roller Door Requires Professional Repairs

Priscilla Graham

Most homeowners don't install a roller door just to increase the value and aesthetics of their home; they also install the door to boost security. For this reason, every homeowner should ensure the roller door is in good condition throughout the year. However, the door might still develop some problems despite your efforts to keep it in good shape. 

If you don't fix the problems immediately, the roller door might stop working completely, and this means you might have to replace it. Timely roller door repairs are quick, time-saving and less expensive, especially when an expert is involved. Here's how you know it's time to contact an expert to repair your roller door.

It Has Become Noisy These Days

The noises your roller door makes when opening or closing can tell you more about its condition. If the door is in perfect shape, it shouldn't make strange noises when operating. Rattling, squealing or grinding noises indicate that the door needs professional inspection and repairs. Most roller doors make unusual noises when the springs, tracks or openers are faulty. 

The roller door could also screech if it has accumulated more dirt or dust in its tracks. Although you can lubricate the door or clean its track with a piece of cloth to remove the dirt, it's always advisable to call in an expert to assess it to know if it needs some repairs.

It Fails to Open Evenly

It's one thing for the roller door to open, and it's another thing for it to open evenly. If the door is in good working condition, one side shouldn't fall or rise faster than the other when closing or opening. 

When one of the springs is faulty or broken, the roller door will not open evenly. If the broken spring isn't repaired in good time, the other 'healthy' spring might have excess stress to handle, and it may develop some problems or fail also. 

It Responds Slowly

If your roller door responds slower these days than before, you need an expert to inspect and repair it. A well-maintained roller door shouldn't take more than two or three seconds to open or close after pressing the opener. 

If the roller door takes longer than usual to respond, some components may be damaged. Similarly, if the door fails to open smoothly and at the expected speed, something is wrong with it. An expert should inspect the door to find out if they need to repair various door components or just the door opener.

The biggest mistake you can do is ignoring signs that your door needs attention or attempting to repair the door yourself. If your roller door is noisy, responds slowly or doesn't open evenly, get an expert to identify the cause and offer timely roller door repairs.